Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthly Challenge: February

My arms are by far the weakest part of my body.  I suck at push-ups.  I wish I could even do a pull-up.  And if you need anything heavy carried farther than about 10 feet, don't even bother asking me.  I know, it's pathetic.  I just don't necessarily think to work out my arms as often as I probably should.  I enjoy running and biking, two things that work my legs.  I do not enjoy lifting heavy objects repeatedly.  For fun.  But I guess it is called working out for a reason, huh?  Probably not going to be fun all the time.  

Well too late for that now.  This month's challenge was the Push-Up Challenge.  Since last month was focused on legs, I figured I should switch it up and do the arms this month.  Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I thought and my arms are actually stronger than I thought.  Woohoo!  Like I did last month, towards the middle of the month I split the push-ups into two sets rather than doing all 30 or 40 at once.  The only thing I didn't understand about this month is how they wrote it out.  I didn't notice when I picked it, but the first 4 days are extra I guess because they are before the month even starts.  I just added them on to the beginning of the month and then had to do extra at the end since I chose February which is of course the shortest month.  But that was just poor planning on my part.  Overall, I liked this challenge and was successful. 

I am ready for a bit of a harder challenge though, as these last 2 haven't been as hard as I thought they would.  Next month's challenge is the Plank Challenge!  The final goal will be to do a 5 minute plank.  Bring it on! 


  1. OMG a 5 minute plank!!!! I cringe at the thought of this. And my soul dies a little inside. Unlike you, I love weight lifting, but core work is my nightmare!! I hate hate hate it! This plank challenge would be the ultimate challenge for me!

  2. I actually don't mind core work, but it is definitely hard stuff so I am a little nervous for this month. I'm only at 30 seconds and I can already feel my body starting to shake by the end. I can't even imagine how 5 minutes will feel.