Tuesday, November 18, 2014

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 13 (Animal Print)

This week's pattern was animal print.  To be honest, this was probably the hardest one so far.  In previous weeks I tried zebra print and failed, so I knew that was not an option.  If I couldn't even do the zebra lines I figured there was no way I should even attempt a cheetah print.  Instead I went with the most random animal print... a fish! 

Yes, that's right, I painted fish scales on my nails.  And I think it turned out pretty cool.  For the base I used two different polishes.  First I used Essie 'Trophy Wife' then added Spoiled 'Show Me The Money' on top to add some sparkle.  To get the scales I used a small brush and painted on the black lines using Essie 'Licorice'.  

This is not a look I would normally wear, but it was fun and different to try for a week.  If you wanted a more subtle look you could use plain teal or blue polish with silver or gold lines.  

Any suggestions for next week's flower nails?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 12 (Stripes)

This week's pattern was stripes.  My inspiration for this week was fall.  To me, that means darker colors.  But it's also football season, so I went with gold for the stripes to support the 49ers!  

For the base I used Nicole by OPI in Deeply in Love and for the stripes I used Julep in Zelda.  For the design, I literally typed in 'fall striped nails' into Pinterest and I liked this one the best.  It's a spin on your typical striped nails, which I liked.  To make the stripes I used a thin brush to draw them on.  You could also use tape for more precise stripes.  But let's be honest, I do not have the patience for that. 

I really liked how this one turned out.  This is probably my favorite design so far.  I would definitely wear this again.  It really wasn't that hard, you just have to go slow.  I am a little nervous for next week though, the designs are starting to get harder and harder. 

Any suggestions for next week's animal print?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend Recap (Birthday)

Well I am now officially 25 years old.  A quarter of a century.  I can now rent a car.  That's about all I got.  Being 25 is not all that exciting people.  But birthdays are fun no matter what age!  My birthday happens to fall on Halloween, which was always fun as a kid.  I had many costume parties, and always got more candy.  What more could you ask for as a little kid? 

Now that I am too old to trick or treat, I have to find other ways to celebrate.  I felt like I had already celebrated because the weekend before my actually birthday my town had a Brew Crawl downtown.  It was a beer tasting event where costumes were encouraged.  I went with a group of friends and we dressed as dominoes.  Super easy and comfortable costume, and all the drunk people loved it! 

Since my real birthday was this past weekend, the Boyfriend felt like we still needed to celebrate.  I had originally wanted to go to a corn maze or haunted house, but with the rain we didn't really feel like trekking through the mud.  Instead we had my brother and sister-in-law over for dinner with homemade pizza and ice cream sandwiches.  Followed by scary movies.  Best decision ever! 

The next day was a pretty lazy day.  Went to the farmer's market and went to a hula class.  But then I made the most adorable jack-o-lantern stuffed bell peppers ever!  I found them on Pinterest and since I wasn't ready to give up Halloween quite yet, I made them for dinner. 

Sunday ended the birthday celebrations with my extended family over for dinner.  They came from out of town and it was so nice to have everyone over.  My mom made the most delicious dinner of spareribs, spanish rice, and green beans.  Usually my mom makes me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, but this year I decided I wanted to make cupcakes instead.  So I made my own birthday dessert this year.  

My birthday celebrations may get less crazy as the years go by, but when I am spending them with family, that is all I really want. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 11 (Polka Dot)

Woohoo!  I made it to the patterns!  The first one was Polka Dots.  Since some of the last couple nail designs have been a little too much for me, I wanted something plain and simple this week.  So I went for a more subtle polka dot look, with only a few on each nail. 

Feeling totally ready for fall, I went with a darker base nail polish.  I used Wet N Wild Megalast in Disturbia for the base and white for the dots. To make the dots I used a toothpick this time.  I really should invest in some nail design tools.  Like the fancy ones they use at the salon.  Too bad I have no idea where to buy those things. Anybody know? 

I think this has been one of my favorite designs so far.  It is super simple and cute.  I like that the dots are too overpowering but add just enough detail to make the nails not boring.  I would definitely do this design again. 

Any suggestions for next week's stripes?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

I finally got around to carving some pumpkins!  Better late than never, right?  Traditions are a big thing in my family.  My extended family has a few traditions we do every year, and me and my Dad have a lot of our own traditions as well.  One of which is carving pumpkins together every year.  I will never be too old to carve pumpkins.  Especially when it involves spending time with my Dad.  Family is super important to me, and I like keeping these traditions alive, as silly or random as they may be. 

So my Dad invited me over the other night to carve pumpkins and watch the Giants game.  Honestly I think he just wanted some distraction while watching the game so he wouldn't be such a nervous wreck.  Sadly, it was a terrible loss for the Giants that night.  Which I guess was good that we had the pumpkins to carve instead of watching the game. Not to worry though, they won when it really mattered last night and are now our CHAMPIONS yet again!! GO GIANTS! 

As with everything else in my life lately, I turned to Pinterest for some pumpkin carving ideas.  Last year I made a Mickey Mouse pumpkin (even though it kind of turned out looking like Miley Cyrus).  This year I wanted to do something more scary.  My pumpkin was inspired by Jack Skellington.  The mouth was a little hard to make, but I love the eyes.  My Dad's pumpkin on the other hand is just a goofy one.  He loves to add ears to his pumpkins, and this year even added some boogers.  

I hope you guys don't throw away those pumpkin seeds!  Put them aside in a bowl while you're carving and roast them later.  Makes for such a good snack, and super easy too.  Just rinse them off to get rid of any extra orange stringy goop, lay them out on a baking sheet and bake @350 for maybe 20-30 minutes (mix halfway through).  You could also season them with anything you like: salt, pepper, paprika, cinnamon; the options are endless. 

I'd say this was another successful year of pumpkin carving.