Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another weekend that came and went too fast.  I guess that just means it was a good weekend then so I can't complain.  Sometimes it is nice to have a weekend where I can simply relax and do absolutely nothing.  This was not one of those weekends though.

Last Thursday was my boyfriend's brother's birthday (try saying that 5 times fast).  To celebrate we took him camping on Friday night.  The camp ground was just a hop and a skip away from the beach so naturally we spent the majority of the night having a bonfire on the beach.  The campsites were generously sized but also very open to your neighbors.  Which isn't necessarily bad.  Until the next morning when you are woken up to a bunch of children screaming at 6am and climbing in the trees right next to your tent.  

On Saturday we packed up camp and spent the day killing time until the Blake Shelton concert that night.  We grabbed some breakfast and a coffee.  This place has the best coffee I have ever tasted.  I highly recommend the mint mojito iced coffee or the ginger snap iced coffee (tastes like Christmas in your mouth).  

After that we found a park to play in for a bit before it was time to go check in to the hotel.  We found a hotel within walking distance of the concert so we wouldn't have to worry about anybody driving.  So we got cleaned up and headed over to the concert.  It was an amazing concert.  It is so nice when the artists sound exactly like they do on their CDs.  That is real talent. 

Sunday was our relaxing day.  After an exhausting past couple days, we spent the rest of the day lounging at home and watching football. Again.  Oh the joys of living with 2 boys.  I entertained myself by working on the puzzle, which we now have at least 1 missing piece and is driving me crazy!  Also, I was not too pleased with the brownies I made last weekend so I decided to go for some classic chocolate chip cookies this time.  I kind of like this baking on Sunday's thing.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 4 (Green)

This week's nail color was green which happens to be my favorite color.  Although not necessarily as a nail color.  I don't have many green polish options so I decided to try one I have had for a while but haven't used very much. 

I chose this glow in the dark nail polish which I think I found at Hot Topic in the mall  years ago.  I have worn it before so I can say that it actually does glow in the dark.  However, it doesn't really last that long.  It's almost like it needs to be 'charged' by light first in order for it to shine brightest in the dark.  But then once it's dark and the glow wears off you are just left with normal nail polish.  I don't really like the bright green polish for during the day, it's a bit too neon for me for everyday use.  It's definitely a fun polish for special occasions though. 

Any suggestions for next week's blue nails?

Friday, September 12, 2014

A night at the park

It all starts with the BART ride into the city.  The perfect place to do some people watching or catch up on that book you've been wanting to finish.  Or simply plug in some headphones and drift off into dreamland for about an hour.  But don't miss your stop or you might miss the big game!  There are a couple options of stops you can take on the way to the stadium.  Take Embarcadero to catch the Muni that will drop you off right in front of the stadium.  Can't get much closer than that.  But be prepared to cram in that cable car like a can of sardines because it is always full.  You could also take Embarcadero for a nice walk along the water until you get to the park.  But night games are a little too cold and far for that. 

So Montgomery stop it is.  From here it's about a 20 minute walk to the stadium.  On your way you will pass by countless bars and restaurants welcoming you to watch the game and have a couple drinks.  Not tonight though!  You know you are getting close when you start to see the orange and black sea.  I should have reminded you first to wear that orange and black with pride!  I've got my earrings on tonight, as usual. And don't forget to bring a sweatshirt, because it can get cold here in the city. 

Once you make it past the new metal detectors (sorry no weapons here tonight) it's either straight to the seats or grab some food on the way.  The smell of garlic fries and hot dogs every where you turn can sure make a girl hungry, so the food came first tonight.  Having overdone it on the hot dogs as a kid, I always opt for something else at the stadium.  Luckily you can get just about anything here, from pretzels and hot dogs to burgers and chicken skewers.  

Finally, it's time to head to those seats.  And just in time, the games about to start!  The next few hours are a roller coaster of emotions.  One second you'll be jumping for joy (literally) when the Giants score a run and the next second you'll be swearing like a sailor when they make that stupid error or give up the tying run.  And if you don't wanna sit and watch baseball for 3 hours then head on over to the outfield where the big glove and coke bottle are because there's a slide inside that bottle!  Or watch the little kids play baseball on the mini field they have set up out there too.  There's always something to do at the stadium. 

No matter how the game ends though, it's always a fun night spent at the stadium.  This was probably the last game of the season for me, and I'm glad I got to see a win.  It always makes that long ride home not so bad.  Unless they make it to the World Series and I'm lucky enough to go to one of those games!  A girl can dream..

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

Why must Monday's always come back so quickly?  This week is actually a full 5 day week again.  It's too bad every weekend wasn't a 3-day weekend.  But then you'd have nothing to look forward to when they do come around.  So I guess it's better to keep them as the special treat that they are.  With only 2 days to enjoy this weekend, I tried to make the most of it. 

It all started on Friday night after work.  My parents have been playing on a co-ed recreational softball league through the city for a looong time now.  They got my brother in on the team for the past few years now too.  I have played a couple times, but am by no means a regular.  I played softball for a couple years when I was younger, but I just never really got into it.  Soccer was my game. 

In their league you need to have a certain amount of women and men playing, and this week they were short on women.  They had asked everyone they knew and gathered up all the wives they could find. I was their last resort.  So after work I slipped on my tennis shoes and headed to the field. 

It was actually kind of fun!  I got a couple hits and we ended up winning by a lot.  If anything, the burger and beer afterwards made it all worth it. 

On Saturday I convinced the boyfriend to get up and go to the Farmer's Market with me.  There's something about buying local fruits and veggies that just makes them taste better.  I got a 3 pack carton of berries (raspberries, blackberries, and white raspberries).  I had never seen a white raspberry before so of course I had to get them.  To be honest they didn't taste all that different, maybe a little bit sweeter, but they look pretty cool.  So I put them on toast with some almond butter and it was delicious!

Sunday was spent watching football.  Not my first choice, but when you live with 2 boys you get outnumbered.  At least I convinced them to play some Mario Kart in between games.  I also made brownies and worked on this puzzle to pass the time. It was quite the relaxing Sunday.

Friday, September 5, 2014

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 3 (Yellow)

With summer reaching an end I felt like yellow was the perfect color to hold on for a little while longer.  When I think of yellow summery things I think of sunshine and flowers and bumble bees.  For my design this week I decided to try some yellow flowers.  For the base color I used my Covergirl Outlast stay brilliant polish in yellow.  For the flower design I used my Essie black polish and drew on the pedals with a small brush. 

I will be honest, this one was not easy for me.  It took me two attempts to get this design, and they still aren't perfect.  But it was really fun to try a design I have never done and test my skills at the same time!  I think bumble bees would have been really cute too, so maybe I'll try and incorporate that in one of these weeks. 

Any suggestions for next week's green design?